Care Blocks Care Blocks

Care Blocks

Cost-effective solution to choose the best nutritional supplement to face productive and health problems of the cultural centers in the different stages of fish development.

The use of additives is subject to conditions specific to each culture center. Salmofood delivers a complete advice to make more efficient the delivery of these Blocks.


Improves the healing of the skin. Its compounds increase the production and quality of mucus and stimulate the synthesis of collagen.


6 weeks before expected conditions of gill attack or if there are aggressive elements, administer for at least 6 weeks to ensure tissue recovery and functionality.

AntiOX +




It is used to suppress the effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by reducing the consequences associated with stress in product management or events, maintaining homeostasis.


Stimulates liver function. It has active ingredients that allow it to recover its functionality through the regeneration of hepatocytes.


It reduces the effects and/or morbidity associated with viral diseases such as PRV (HSMI) and IPTV.


Its objective is to maintain the color in the muscle of the fish, improve the texture and firmness of the meat. It also has components that reduce side effects such as steak melanosis, gaping and cracking.


Additive to stimulate intestinal health. Improves and increases the absorption surface of the intestine.


Minimizes the impacts associated with bacterial diseases such as BKD and SRS.


It specifically delivers active agents for the generation of antibodies. Highly efficient to be used before vaccinations.

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