VITA is inspired by the culture that we have as an organization, based on 3 pillars:


Ensure the growth of the aquaculture industry as a global source of feed in markets where there is opportunity. We will promote economic growth and environmental care.


Consolidate an efficient management through organizational synergies, operations at scale and coefficients, and making knowledge travel transversally; achieving operational excellence.


We work together as One Great Team to strengthen and develop the talent of our people and the deep knowledge we have about the business.

Develop businesses with high technical and technological support and products based on innovation and development, which allows contributing to the growth and reputation of customers and the aquaculture industry.

Deploy initiatives that stimulate local economies through job training and direct contracting in our areas of influence.

Ensure inputs that come from sustainable sources and make an efficient use of them.

Guarantee treatable products, elaborated under efficient processes and surpassing the highest international standards that have a positive impact on the client and the final consumer.

Raise the standards in the supply chain via the homologation and training of suppliers.

Ensure the operational excellence of our businesses with minimal environmental impact.

Develop standards for the industry at the level of safety and occupational health that improve the physical, mental and social health of our workers.

Form talent that generates impact at all levels of the organization.

Develop a triple impact culture among our collaborators, suppliers, customers and entities related to our industry.

Integrated Policies of management systems

Vitapro, formed by its five related companies: Vitapro S.A., Vitapro Chile S.A., Vitapro Honduras S.A. de C.F., Vitapro Ecuador Cía. Ltda. And Inbalnor S.A., through which we supply the aquaculture sector with nutritional solutions; contributes to the sustainability of the industry, our operations and the environment.