We are an integral part of Salmofood, acting transversally the most relevant aspects of the company.


We are constantly evolving towards a better design of the elements that make up each diet. Nutritherapy is a fundamental part of this continuous innovation in the work of monitoring and transfer of demonstrable results in the field.


We develop agreements with national and foreign researchers building a bridge that generates applied science, with a focus on knowledge of the areas of nutrition, health and development of sustainable diets.

We work together, between experimental units, universities, research centers and laboratories, supported by our technical assistance team.


Thanks to permanent research, we have developed nutritional alternatives according to the requirements of our clients. Options such as CareBlocks, nutritional supplements for each productive challenge and functional diets such as Fortec, Ictius and Care Dtox, specially designed for salmonids that need specific nutrition.

CEA - Salmofood

The CEA (Aquaculture Experimental Center), is an Aquaculture Nutrition research unit that Salmofood is implementing in Chile.

This project was born from a long-term agreement with Fundación Chile and that will allow us to develop in different stages the establishment of a high quality research center for salmon and trout nutrition, responding to the needs generated from the industry, in which different Chilean and foreign advisers will converge for the development of applied science.

CEA in figures

- 3 recirculation systems with automatic feeding, located in 400 m² of construction that consider a minor Laboratory and Control, Machine Rooms and Grow Room.
- 36 units of 0.6 m³ with temperature control and main water quality parameters, will allow to operate with sea and fresh water.
- 12 units of 3 m³ with temperature control and main water quality parameters.

We are mainly committed to the generation of knowledge that strengthens the formulation and feeding processes.

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